The gaming industry has quickly become one of the most profitable and popular sectors within the entertainment industry. As a result, many gaming laptops are available on the market today. But with so many options, how can you decide which laptop is best for you? This article will provide an overview of some of the best gaming laptops currently available, giving you an insight into their features and specifications. We will discuss price ranges and performance levels to help you make an informed decision.

The best gaming laptops under 60k

Regarding gaming laptops, having the best performance at an affordable price can make all the difference. Look no further if you are searching for a reliable gaming laptop that will stay within your budget. Here is a list of the top 3 gaming laptops under 60k that provide optimum performance with minimal hassle.

  1. The first on our list is Acer Nitro 5 AN515-54-51M5 which packs an Intel Core i5-9300H processor and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, making it a great value-for-money proposition.
  2. Second, we have the ASUS TUF Gaming FX505DY-ES74, which features an Intel Core i5-9300H processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, and 8GB DDR4 RAM. Finally, we have the Lenovo Legion Y530 with 15.
  3. We have the Intel Core i7-8750H processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti graphics card, and 8GB DDR4 RAM.
  4. Fourth, we have the Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, and 8GB DDR4 RAM.
  5. Fifth, we have the Intel Core i7-8750H processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphics card, and 8GB DDR4 RAM.

The best gaming laptops under 70k

  • The first laptop on our list is the Dell Precision 7520. This powerful machine boasts a 7th generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB DDR4 RAM.
  • The second one, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme, is the most expensive on our list. Featuring a Core i7-7820HK processor and 16 GB DDR4 RAM, it has a 512 GB SSD hard drive.
  • The third one, the Lenovo ThinkPad T470p, has a 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB DDR4 RAM. It also features a 512 GB SSD hard drive.
  • A fourth one, the ASUS ROG Strix GL502VM, has a 7th generation Intel Core i7-7700HQ processor and 16 GB DDR4 RAM. It has a 256 GB SSD hard drive.
  • Last but not least, the MSI GT73VR 6RE-046US is a powerful machine that features a 7th-generation Intel Core i7 processor and 16 GB DDR4 RAM. It has an impressive 512 GB SSD hard drive.

Price Range

The price range is important to consider if you’re in the market for a great gaming laptop. Gaming laptops are expensive, and it’s important to find one that suits your budget without compromising features or performance. Thankfully, there are plenty of options available at various price points. Whether you’re looking for an affordable entry-level machine or something more powerful with all the bells and whistles, we’ve covered you with the best gaming laptops available today.

Best gaming laptops under 1 lakh

  • The first laptop on this list is a powerhouse from Asus – the ROG Strix G15CK-HN175T Laptop. Featuring an AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor and Nvidia GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card with 6 GB GDDR6 VRAM, this laptop offers excellent performance at its price range of just Rs 90999 (approx $1,350).
  • The ROG Strix GL503VD-DS74 Laptop is a gaming laptop from Asus with a Core i7 processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card. These two laptops are the best laptops under 20000/- in India.
  • The third one, the Dell Inspiron 15 7000 AMD Ryzen 5 Gaming Laptop (AMD), is a mid-range gaming laptop with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, 8 GB of RAM, and 1 TB of storage.
  • The fourth one, the Asus ROG STRIX GL502VM-DB71 Gaming Laptop, is a powerful gaming laptop from Asus that comes with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 graphics card and Intel Core i7 processor.

Popular Brands – Dell, Razer, MSI

Popular gaming laptop brands Dell, Razer, and MSI offer a variety of top-of-the-line gaming experiences. Whether you’re looking for the best visuals or the most power for your buck, these three industry leaders have something for every gamer. With so many options, knowing which laptop is right for you can take a lot of work. To help make your decision easier, we’ll look at what each brand offers and compare their features.

Dell offers an impressive range of laptops with powerful components and sophisticated designs that will stand out in any game. Their flagship Alienware laptop series packs plenty of performance into its sleek design and comes with cutting-edge hardware like Intel Core i7 processors and RTX 2080 graphics cards.

Specs to Consider – CPU, GPU, RAM

The most important specs are CPU, GPU, and RAM.

  • First up is the processor or CPU. It is the brain of your laptop and is responsible for running all applications and programs. For gaming, a more powerful processor will allow your laptop to run smoother while playing more demanding titles.
  • Next is the graphics card, or GPU, responsible for displaying all images onscreen in beautiful detail. A powerful GPU won’t just provide an extra boost in frame rate but can also handle complex visuals better than lower-end models.
  • Finally, we have RAM or memory. It is where all your running applications and processes are stored while your laptop is on. Generally speaking, more memory means a better gaming experience, as you’ll be able to run more high-quality applications at once without experiencing a slowdown in performance.


The gaming laptop market is more competitive than ever, with a wide range of laptops available to suit all budgets. With so much to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which is right for you. That’s why it’s important to take the time to research and compare different models before settling on a final choice.

When selecting a gaming laptop, several key factors need to be taken into consideration; the size and weight of the device, how powerful its processor is, the type of graphics card fitted, battery life, storage capacity, and any additional features such as cooling systems or special lighting effects. All these details should be taken into account when deciding to ensure that you pick the best laptop for your individual needs.

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